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About Us

About us

We are a team of husband (Tamir) and wife (Kafilat), both 80s babies, who love fashion. We
coincidentally migrated to the United States from Nigeria on the same day, same flight! We style eachother…so you know whose fault it is if you catch Kafilat looking shabby outside LOL! He mostly selects fabric and she does the styling. However, we switch roles when we disagree with each other. Kafilat is
definitely more fashionable (although Tamir won’t agree), but we’ll leave that conversation for another
day. We have two beautiful children (prince and princess).
We are both fashionably conscious and love to take risks…yes, fashion risks! We source our fabrics from
several countries because we love our customers but also because we love to travel (hahah!). Welcome
to our family; we are privileged to have you on board and we look forward to your friendship.

Zammanis, LLC, officially landed in 2016, is a fashion company originally established to enhance the
confidence of our fashionable Kings and Princes, although we have amazing designs and outfits for our
Queens as well. We are online based store with warehouse located in the heart of Georgia, United
States. We cater to wide variety of sizes, ranging from small to XX-Large.

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Mission statement
We LOVE to impress and we certainly aren’t leaving our customers behind. We take your business,
satisfaction, and loyalty seriously and that’s why our team works diligently to make sure your fashion
needs are not lacking. Zammanis’ mission is to create, source, and deliver unique, contemporary,
stylish, colorful products and designs while serving modesty to the fullest.